[beasiswa] [INFO] PhD position in Molecular Virology with focus on adapting RNA virus populations

A PhD position is available at Division of Virology, DTU Vet, for research on adapting RNA virus populations using reverse genetics and next generation sequencing approaches. The work will focus on the adaptation of RNA virus populations, e.g. classical swine fever viruses, within host cells to identify key regions of the virus genome that determine virulence and pathogenicity.
The integration of reverse genetics and next generation sequencing will produce detailed information about the adaptation of virus populations under different conditions, such as selective pressure in cell culture and also in vivo replication in host cells / animals. This will provide important knowledge about the key features of virus replication, specific virulence markers and pathogenicity, which are important for future development of vaccines plus antiviral therapies that may lead to new forms of treatment to combat these important pathogens.
The PhD project is a collaboration between Senior Researcher Thomas Bruun Rasmussen from the Division of Virology, who will be the main supervisor, and Professor Anders Gorm Pedersen from the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, DTU Systems Biology.  Read the rest of this entry »


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