[beasiswa] [info] ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC) Scholarship to Tan Tao University, Vietnam

ada kesempatan beasiswa utk kuliah S1..link nya di bwh ni:
ASEAN-BAC Scholarships will be based on academic performance and will include:
  • Free U—PUP (University Prep Semester) with an opportunity to practice English, learn valuable study skills, and prepare for top quality university education.
  • Free tuition for the first academic year
  • Modern dormitory and healthy meals
  • Health care during TTU career.
  • The ASEAN-BAC Scholarship will not include airplane tickets and will not be paid in cash.
The scholarship for the next year will be based on the academic performance that is calculated upon the American 4-point scale
  • Over 3.5/4.0: 100% Scholarship.
  • From 3.0 to below 3.5: 75% Scholarship.
  • From 2.5 to below 3.0: 50% Scholarship.
  • Below 2.5: 0% scholarship.
TTU Economic Research Center will provide support to students upon a Student Loan Scheme at no interest or provide part time jobs for students who desire to pay the tuition fee.

After receiving the agreement from ASEAN-BAC, Tan Tao University will be pleased to offer 50 scholarships for 50 students from ASEAN, worth up to USD 27,500 per student.


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